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Student Storage in Kettering

Storage for Students in Kettering and Northamptonshire

Depending on your living arrangements and the length of your course, university students may find themselves moving their belongings back and fourth up to 10 times during the course of their time at uni.

Not only is this a tiresome and stressful experience for students and parents alike, but it can also be an expensive one.

So why not save time, money and hassle by moving your items into local self storage over the summer period?

This is a brilliant option for all students, whether you live locally, nationally or even internationally like some of our customers!

Kettering Self Store offer a variety of storage solutions for students who have more important (and fun!) things to be getting on with than moving their belongings back and forth multiple times a year.

With our student storage your items will be stored safely and securely for as long as you need, saving you plenty of time and effort.

Cheap self storage for students

Student storage in Kettering provides a cheap solution, saving you hours hassle moving your items back and forth.

Choosing Kettering Self Store to store your items during the summer period will mean all of your belongings are safe and secure, freeing you up to enjoy your summer without the lurking dread of having to repack your parent's car for what feels like the hundredth time with all your worldly belongings.

With no stacks of cardboard boxes hanging around the house all summer, we're sure that parents will appreciate student storage too.

Secure storage

Concerned about valuable items? Don't worry - our state of the art facility is monitored 24 hours a day by both CCTV and on-site security, and each storage unit is equipped with its own alarm system.

Keep your room clutter free

Think storage is just for the summer break? Think again! Student storage in Kettering is a great way to keep your accommodation clutter free during term time as well.

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