Business Services

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At Kettering Self Store we pride ourselves on offering a range of different storage solutions to a variety of different business types. Whether you are a builder, gardener, accountant or artist - whatever your business, we're confident we have suitable business storage units for you.

Whether you need to store just a few items, or the contents of your entire office - we can help.

Type of business that can benefit from Self Storage

Office based businesses

Anyone who has ever worked in an office will understand the amount of paperwork and documentation that can be created. If you don't have a suitable space to store these files on your premises, then why not consider self storage? It's a cost-effective solution, and will save you having to upsize your business premises.

Working from home

If you're self employed and currently working from home, with your business assets taking over your personal space, then renting out a storage unit in Kettering could be the solution. Whether you store tools, paperwork or materials, free up essential space in your home and enable your business to grow with self storage.


If you're a tradesmen with big and bulky tools and equipment, then you could benefit from storing your assets safely and securely in a storage unit. With 24 hour access you'll be able to get to your items whenever you need to.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, start the next step of your business or need a hand whilst relocating an already thriving business then we are the answer. Give us a call today to discuss what we can offer you.