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Using the latest Bluetooth technology, Kettering Self Store offers a keyless entry system that allows our customers easy 24/7 access to your storage unit but gives you the peace of mind that your goods are stored safely. 

Our keyless storage system allows you to download an app and register your credentials in order to access the facility and allocated unit. Each unit in the purpose built facility has a flat door with no locks or padlocks, and will open in response to the Bluetooth signal from the app. 

We’ve always had the best security systems on the market, but we've fitted the this ultra-modern system with the latest Bluetooth keyless system to take our security to a new level. 

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Easy to use app

The keyless storage system is easy to use through the app and allows you to open access points and your unit door. When you're done, the door can be closed shut. To get back into the unit, simply open it again using the app. There are no padlocks to negotiate, no keys to lose, and no need to worry that you didn't lock up properly behind you. As long as you have a smartphone, that’s all you need with you. 

Using your own smart device, you can rest assured that only you have access to your storage unit at any time without the need to keep passcodes and padlock keys safe. 

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