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Why use a self storage unit?

Self-storage units provide fantastic opportunities for an array of events, from moving home to clearing out your office and storing sentimental items. They provide a secure space for your belongings and protect them compared to the harsh conditions of leaving them in an attic or office.

There are many reasons why storage units are becoming increasingly more popular each year, with more homeowners and business owners saying yes to security and additional space.

To assist your decision and queries, here are some core reasons as to why people are pursuing self storage units and why they make a huge impact on your everyday life.


Renovating: Home Project

If you are completing a home project and you are undergoing developments such as installing a room extension or knocking down internal walls, items such as carpet, appliances and furniture can get in the way of this. By doing this form of construction, your home will also be naturally prone to dust and debris, risking damage to your personal possessions.

With events such as this, a self storage unit is a perfect option.

You will be able to move all breakable and potential risks from your home to your storage unit, providing you with the space you need to get the job done and with peace of mind that your items are protected and under surveillance.

Once your project is completed and you are happy with the outcome, you will be able to remove your possessions and restore them to their natural places.

Moving to a new property

Moving home is not a one day job, you can experience delays with your new lease and without a back-up plan, problems can occur much as if you are all ready to move house, but your brand new property isn’t yet available.

When using self storage units, they produce a solution, not a problem.

These units can hold your possessions safe and securely for a flexible time period, providing you peace of mind as well as a secure location for your possessions for when the time comes to move into your new property.


Whether it is office equipment that is clogging up your working environment or you have domestic items such as gardening tools and sports equipment you only use for a seasonal basis, a storage unit can provide you with the space you need and desire.

Self storage units can be the perfect space to place your equipment so you can have a good spring clean of your working environment or to make way for modern and smaller pieces of equipment to replace them with.

Storing your business inventory

It is a very common action for businesses of all sizes use storage units for many reasons such as storing their product inventories, furniture, document storage etc.

These items may take large quantities of space within the working environment, making it uncomfortable and potentially hazardous to others.

This can also affect your rent as you are paying for space that you are using for items that could be in a storage unit!

Our self-storage units can provide you with a lower rent cost, security and easy accessibility, providing you the assurance that your property will be kept safe and remain safe until you wish to access your unit.

Running out of space!

Whether you are running out of space in your working environment or home, a self storage unit provides you with an array of possibilities – from security to higher availability of space.

By pursuing a self storage unit, you will be able to store a wide range of items due to the wide range of sizes that we have available to you.

With a flexible rental program and that is designed to suit all of your requirements and transparent pricing plans that are ideal for your budget, Kettering selfstore is the ideal place for you.

Trying to find a self storage facility that is great value for money, flexible storage unit choice and provides and green and environmentally friendly environment? Then call us today and speak to one of our friendly specialists who will be happy you assist your queries and necessities.

Why use a self storage unit?