Business Storage

Why location is important for Business self-storage

So you’ve just moved to a new office and realised you require self-storage facilities to store extra furniture, fixtures, or stock that you don’t currently need. But with so many units available, which one is the one right for you?

Let us start off with the most important…

Location, location, location

Locality is one of the most important factors you need to consider when choosing a self-storage company. The unit needs to be at a place where you can easily access your stock, which would save you the inconvenience and time in the long run.


It’s also important to select a unit that has all the necessary security systems in place so you can be assured your equipment is well protected and insured. Many facilities use on-site security staff and specialist monitoring tools, which you can inquire about before you decide to rent a unit.

Business self-storage is a great option for freeing up space that is currently unused because of the amount of clutter and extra furniture in the way. Plus we understand most rented office spaces don’t come with the luxury of large stock rooms. No matter how big or small your new office is, Self-storage gives you the freedom to utilise your office space to the maximum.

If you’ve just moved to nearby county’s such as Northamptonshire, then our Kettering self-storage unit would ideal for you. Call our team today to discuss your options, we’re also offering 25% for all start-up businesses!