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What shouldn’t you put in your self storage unit this Easter? Find out here

Whether you are planning to use a self storage unit for your business or for personal use, a self storage unit is an ideal source for all your extra belongings.

Whether your items are becoming a health hazard, you wish to free up some space within your property or office, due to decorating or planning an event such as an Easter egg hunt and you don’t want to risk damaging your furniture – we have got you covered.

But what aren’t you allowed to place within your self storage unit?

There are various responses to this and due to the high level of our customers asking this – we decided to give you the ultimate low down, so you know exactly what shouldn’t be within your self storage unit.

Read on.

Materials that can cause harm:

This may be obvious but it is always good to have a breakdown of what materials are safe within your storage unit and what isn’t – just to make sure that none of your items are affected or damaged by the existence of these harmful materials.

Here are a few items that are within the flammable, hazardous, combustible or toxic material section:

  • Petrol
  • Corrosives and chemicals
  • Grease / motor & lamp oil
  • Paint (due to chemicals)
  • Fertiliser
  • Gaslighters
  • Fireworks or anything that may explode
  • Bleach

The above list is just some of the items but any products that are hazardous or toxic and will be a risk to your items should not be placed within your self storage unit.

In addition to this, any products containing asbestos is an absolute no-no.

These items could not only damage your property but also your self storage unit, if you don’t wish to be liable for damage, we suggest avoiding placing these items within your unit at all costs.

If it’s edible – it shouldn’t be in your unit!

While it might be handy to have a snack on you while you are in the middle of placing your items in your self storage unit – it isn’t the best move.

Any form of food that is placed within your storage unit is not allowed due to the perishable circumstances.

Think about it.

You don’t want to acquire your storage unit months down the line and find rotting food that has spread and damaged the items that are residing within your unit.


This may be another basic rule but people still try! Placing large amounts of money within your unit is not allowed and even though we have 24/7 CCTV, your money should be placed within your bank, not a storage unit.

In addition to money, valuable documents should also be kept in a safe place and locked away safely. If you need any assistance and wish to place documents in storage, then we can supply you with our secure document storage solution.

Anything else?

Here at Kettering selfstore, we provide an array of services that suit the variations of our customer’s needs and bespoke requirements.

Not looking for a self storage but interested in another service?

From personal storage to business services – we can provide you with the solution you are seeking!

If you have any questions or queries, then contact us today and our team of specialists will be happy to speak to you!