Student Storage

Top tips on moving – A student guideline

We have all been there when we have collected various items throughout our time in University – but now the big question is… Where do you put it all?

Whether you are a student who needs to put their items in storage to travel home or you are planning on moving house within the area, placing your items in storage is the easiest and most effective way to keep your possessions safe and sound.

Storage is a fantastic choice if you are visiting home for Christmas, providing yourself plenty of time to label and sort your boxes ready for storage.

Let’s face it. You want the right deal for you with this scenario so finding the right storage supplier and keeping those costs down are imperative.

Create a Checklist

If you are struggling to think of what your checklist might look like, here is an example!

Your checklist to find the perfect storage solution:

  • Affordable and flexible rent package
  • Wifi accessibility
  • Access to safe and secure units – 24 hour surveillance
  • Various sizes
  • Student discounts

With these aspects in mind, it is imperative that you choose a provider that makes you feel comfortable and has clearly stated the facts and stats to you.

Having your items in a safe and secure environment will give you the ultimate peace of mind so you can continue using your time effectively.

What will you take? Toss, Take and Store.

Now that you have what type of storage company you wish to use, its time to figure out exactly what you want to take with you and what you would like to store.

You should allocate what you will definitely need on your journey, toss the things you know you won’t need and are not that important to you and store objects that are too heavy or too large to participate with you on your journey.

Whether you are travelling or visiting home, it should in hindsight, be fairly easy for you, especially if you are coming back for another year of University and moving to another home in your University area.

If you need some ideas, things like your university books which can be heavy in multiple loads, pots and pans, seasonal clothes, furniture etc are ideal for storage as they will be safe and secure in your unit, ready to be accessed when you need it the most.

Size really is everything

Once you have created your take, toss and store list, you will know how much you wish to store in your storage units.

storage calculator like the one on our website is pretty handy if you’re not 100% sure how much square foot you will need for your items.

Become a packing pro

By investing in storage units, you believe that your possessions will be protected. While this will be the case, you must allocate the time to protect your fragile and delicate possessions, as well as pack items accordingly, especially in terms of weight and size.

Items that can break easily such as glass or crockery should have bubble wrap within their boxing process, even old towels you no longer use – these can be recycled into packaging.

When it comes to your clothes and books, make sure you place them in larger boxes. This will keep your items safe and secure in transit and within the storage unit. This will also be highly beneficial to you when you are moving boxes in and out of your old location to your new one.

Top tip: Distribute the weight of items effectively when packaging and moving boxes for your move. Events such as overloading or not using the correct type of protection will make your items vulnerable to damage or will be too heavy to move, causing yourself injury and probably, frustration.

Labels, Labels, Labels

Placing labels on your boxes will make your move so much easier. It can be so easy to just box up your boxes and shift them for another day. But once you store your boxes, you will know exactly what is in each box and this will also assist the storage unit as they will know which boxes are fragile and which boxes can manage being at the bottom of the unit.

Here at Kettering Self Store, we pride ourselves in having the latest technology to guarantee the safety of your items.

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