Efficient Locks

The Most Effective And Efficient Locks For Your Storage Unit

Here at kettering selfstore, we know the security of our customer’s items is crucial. You want your possessions to be safe and secure 24 hours a day. However, one fundamental step that many people overlook is choosing the best lock for their storage unit. Having the right lock for your storage unit is your last bit of protection in the very unlikely event of theft.

Just using a padlock you have at home to save money may be a mistake you do not wish to make. You need to keep in mind that if a theft were to happen, that lock is there to keep out unwanted visitors – or let them in if you choose a poor quality lock.

So, we are here to discuss the different types of locks you can choose, the benefits and the ‘best fit for purpose’ for your unit and peace of mind.


The Keyless Lock
This lock as explained by its title means that having a key is unnecessary. Instead, you either punch in a series of numbers or use a dial to enter the combination you have chosen. The advantages of this style of lock are there are no keys as stated, which means no keys to lose and you can give others you trust the code to gain access, at your discretion of course. However, it’s important to remember your code so you don’t lose entry to your storage unit. This kind of lock is not recommended for an outdoor storage facility as it is possible to be cut open with bolt cutters.

The Padlock
Padlocks also known as cylinder locks, because pins inside a cylinder are manipulated to a specific position so the key that is cut to fit it can open the lock with ease. You will see these types of locks on outdoor sheds, lockers and for small items like your luggage when jetting off on an aeroplane etc. Only the person with the key will have access to your personal items and if you lose the key they can be produced easily, without having to remove the lock. However, it is possible to pick the lock on these sorts of keys if the person has time and is not being monitored doing so.

The Disk Lock
This type of lock is considered the industry standard, there are many advantages of choosing a disk lock and we think it is one of the best options you can choose. The locks cannot be removed with bolt cutters like the keyless lock because the hasp is designed in such a way that it cannot be reached. Also, hitting this lock with a damaging object, such as a hammer, will not break it as compared with other locks. Furthermore, picking this type of lock is more difficult than others. Without the necessary time and tools it is virtually impossible to remove, it would actually need to be grinded off. Which, if any unauthorised person did try to pursue this action, would cause a lot of noise! Although it may cost slightly more than your average padlock, it is definitely worth it to keep your belongings extra safe and secure, with also the advantage of peace of mind for yourself.

Besides the style of lock you use, you need to consider its size. All locks are measured across the width. You need to make sure the size of the lock you are using will fit the latch on your self storage unit, guaranteeing your items in a safe environment.