How Secure Are Self-storage Units

How secure are self-storage units?

When it comes to storing your lifetime worth of personal belongings, you don’t want to make any compromises on keeping them safe in a storage unit.

There are many storage units out there, but one thing you really need to be careful of is their security setup. Most companies may not offer 24/7 security surveillance, so there is a chance your items could be at risk.

We’ve listed a few key questions you need to ask before booking your unit.

  • Are the cameras recording 24/7?
  • Is the gate electronic access?
  • What days/hours can I access my unit?
  • Do you charge any additional fees for security?

Choose the right size

Many storage units offer storage calculators on their website which will help to decide what size you need. Check out our storage calculator here! It’s always best to have a good idea of all the items you would like to store, so you can cost-effectively select a unit that will fit everything all in one place.

Peace of mind

It’s always worth investing in a storage unit that gives you the extra security, so you can be assured your belongings are kept in a safe and secure environment. This also applies if you are a business that’s considering storage space for office documents, as they would need to be kept in a secure place and need to be easily accessible as and when you need them.


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