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Read this before you choose a self storage unit for your business!

When you have an online business, it is easy to pile up your stock in the spare bedroom or office space, making it unreasonable to move around.

With self storage, you can make sure that this doesn’t happen and provide the versatility that your online business truly needs.

Space can be rare and also costly, but by providing your business with a storage unit, you will be able to save money and provide space in your current working environment for productivity to blossom.

Entrepreneurs are rising to the opportunity with self storage units and it isn’t just new businesses that are seeking the extra space.

Renting a storage unit has become an ever-growing popular choice for many small businesses and large corporate businesses who can’t afford to have stock piling up and taking valuable space.

These businesses need the space to continue their trading operations, as well as companies that are planning to grow and expand in the near future.

We thought we would share some core reasons as to why storage is the right choice for you and how this exciting decision can contribute to your business growth and profit margin.

No need for office space

In modern cases, very small and new businesses prefer to use self storage units compared to the choice of using office space.

Processing your goods and stock, as well as any equipment and documents into self storage unit can save you space and time when providing a service.

This gives businesses who don’t need to meet any clients or suppliers in-house a good opportunity to use their space accordingly and efficiently.

Choice at your fingertips

Office space can be in high demand and always apply a premium when renting out space, especially for business use.

When it comes to choosing a self storage company, just like choosing an office space, it is important to shop around and find the best fit for you.

There are many benefits for choosing a storage unit rather than extended office space such as keeping overhead costs low, a choice of space to suit your requirements, as well as a wide choice of locations that suit your business needs.

It is imperative for your requirements and needs to be met so make sure that your chosen storage unit company provides reliable flexibility on time, convenience, security and a high level of customer service.

Kettering self store provides a storage calculator, allowing you to analyse the array of storage units available to you, as well as guiding you to the best size that would fit you and your business needs. With the state of the art technology in place, you will be provided with a description and measurements to give you the information that you require.

Buying in bulk

With a self storage unit, you have the freedom of buying your stock and equipment in bulk – this will, of course, result in a state of peace as you can accommodate your stock straight away into storage rather than having to buy in smaller quantities.

By pursuing this system, you are also reducing the risk of inadequate quantities of stock for your online business, which could result in a negative effect if you are forced to state you have zero stock online. This could result in a poor reputation online, resulting in less sales and a lower range of customer loyalty.

Improved flexibility

When it comes to being an entrepreneur, it can be difficult to make sure all areas of your business is operating effectively and accordingly to your business plan.

So when you take away the stress of providing funds for office space and pursuing a self storage unit instead, it can really assist you and your operation.

When searching for a reliable and productive self storage unit provider, you will see that it can be so easy to expand and contract throughout the first few years of your operations, as most rental agreements are very flexible so if you need to acquire a larger or smaller unit for your business – you can with ease.

With this, your storage unit for your online business will provide you with cost effective properties and flexible renting commitments for your commercial needs.

A more productive office space

With a self storage unit, it can be the perfect place for not just your stock, but also for document storage and even unwanted furniture that is becoming a nuisance and a burden with your working environment.

This can provide your online business the space it requires, providing an improved level of productivity and making your working environment more spacious and less destructive with clutter.

Security for your stock

When you commit to a self storage unit, your bespoke requirements are catered for, receiving a competent service with the security of your goods and business stock.

Storing your stock will also give you that added peace of mind that all entrepreneurs could use when it comes to producing new business.

You will be able to provide more than you think to your online business.

Your storage unit will contribute to your business’s success by providing a secure and cost-effective system, allowing you to grow your business, space availability and profits.


If you have any queries about choosing the right storage unit for you, Contact Us at Kettering Self Store today, we are always happy to assist you and your online business.