Winter Weather

How to prepare your house for the winter weather!

The warm days are now officially over and winter is well on its way to embrace us with its cold and frosty demeanor. No matter how much we wish and pray, winter is inevitable. Unless you are lucky enough to jet off to a hot sunny country during the British winter months.

What we can do instead is prepare our homes for the wintery weathers that are upon us.

Check out some of our top tips on how you can prep your home!


It’s time to say goodbye to your BBQs, deck chairs and outdoor swimming pools. Unless you are brave enough to face the cold weather, the chances are that you won’t be using these during winter. So why not move them into a storage unit to keep them safe, plus its less clutter in the house.

Get your winter essentials

Now is the time to start stocking up on your winter warmers! Start making way for warm scarves and woolly hats to keep you warm this winter

Don’t forget to get make a trip to the back of your garage to dig out a snow shovel, salt, and ice scraper, ready in time for the first snowstorm.

Boiler servicing

To be greeted with a blast of cold water early in the morning can be rather startling. So ensure your boiler and heating system is serviced before you start using the heating throughout winter. 

Get your windows and doors ready

Winter is the time when you start noticing the draft spots around your home. So make sure your windows and doors are properly insulated to prevent any heat loss.

As heating can be expensive to run, it’s important to install the correct insulation, as it can help keep your heating run more efficiently.

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