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Packing labels for your storage boxes

Whether you are moving to a new home, different office or just wanting to store your goods away, we all know packing can be a tiresome task. And to make matters worse, once we have moved to the new premises, we can never seem to remember which box contains the kettle!

The no-brainer solution for this frustrating phase in your life is to label all your boxes. Not only will it allow you to keep your boxes organised, it’s also helpful for the movers to be aware of the contents as they can then stack the boxes accordingly.

In the usual flurry to pack, we often forget to label any of the boxes, but those few minutes extra spent to stick the labels on, will save you a lot more time later on.

To make your life easier, we’ve created custom labels for you to download completely free of charge!

Download your packing labels

download labels

Download Here

We’ve created labels for each room including, Bedrooms, Bathroom, Lounge, Kitchen, Utility, Garage, Loft and Office. We’ve also included a ‘First day Essentials’ sticker so you can easily access the most important items on your first day of the move. We’ve added a few blank stickers so you can decide on the titles and the type of items you are storing.

All you have to do is simply print out the PDF on standard A4 paper and then stick them onto the boxes. We can also provide you with the packing materials if you need any. If you have multiple boxes per room, you can always print the page you need more than once.

Remember, the secret is to be organised!

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