Moving to Wellingborough? Here’s what you need to know!

No matter which city or town you are moving to, there is always so much to learn and discover about your new area. Wellingborough is a large market town in the county of Northamptonshire and with it being only 2 hours drive away from London; it makes it a great location for Londoners to relocate to.

From the crazy escalation of the London housing market, many people are considering to move to a more affordable area, but still in a commutable distance to London. Northamptonshire comes up as one of the most sought-after locations for Londoners seeking new homes, due to the less eye-watering house prices.

Getting around the area

Whether you are commuting from London, or somewhere close by, there are many options to getting around, due to the well-established transport links. By rail, you can travel to London Euston in just an hour, plus there are many other train routes leading to pretty much anywhere else you’d like to go.

Located right in the middle of England, Northamptonshire has many motorway links you can easily access, making your journey a lot simpler and hassle-free, although we can’t say the same about the M1 traffic!

Leisure and activities

If you’re a fan of green spaces then you’ll love what Northamptonshire has to offer. There are many Greenland areas such Rockingham forest and Irchester Country park, which is a 200-acre area of woodland with an adventure course with zip lines and a play area – Perfect for the kids to explore the outdoors!

Aside from the countryside, there are also many other things you can do and enjoy being a part of. Northamptonshire is quite well known for sports, so you’ll have no trouble finding clubs of a sport you love that offers great facilities for all ages.

Moving to Northamptonshire can be a great step to get the best of both worlds. With more affordable houses compared with the likes of the London housing market, Northamptonshire has become the most favourable county to relocate to, for people from all walks of life.