Spring Cleaning

Make spring-cleaning easy by renting a self-store unit!

As we are now into the British summer times, many of us will take advantage of the longer daylight hours, and better weather to start considering home renovation projects.

But unless you have just bought your home and it is currently empty, the majority of us will have the underlining problem of storing furniture and goods that are in our rooms. Many of us may not have any alternative storage facilities and have to resort to shifting furniture from one room to the next, which can be a rather tiring and time-consuming experience.

If only you can magically make all your furniture and belongings disappear just whilst you are painting and decorating… Well, consider self-store units.

Of course, this solution is no way near magical, but it gives you the freedom to store your goods in a safe and secure environment, giving you all the space you need to totally revamp your home.

No longer do you need to worry about purchasing furniture coverings, or splattering paint all over your brand new fabric sofas.

Spring Cleaning

Hiring a local storage unit is a perfect way to hang on to your things, but to keep them out of your site whilst you go through a deep cleanse of your home.

You can also store away all your seasonal items such as snow gear or winter clothing, allowing you to use the space for something else more useful.

Choosing the right storage unit

Just from a simple google search, you will come across many different storage facilities, and it can be rather overwhelming with so many options to choose from. Always opt for a storage unit that is local to you so you are able to collect goods at your convenience. Also, consider storage units that include 24/7 surveillance to ensure your items are protected and secure at all times.

If you would like more information on the types of units we have available, contact us here.

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