Personal Storage In Summer

Looking for Summer Storage ideas? We’ve got it covered!

Paddling pools, deck chairs and garden toys galore – summer is finally here, which means endless fun in the sun. Whatever our age, we all love to make the most of every little bit of sun we get, and why not? We deserve it right?

Summer for most families usually means organising more outdoor activities, such as football, tennis, basketball etc. But before your garage becomes overwhelmed with all the outdoor equipment, we’ve put together some storage tips to avoid clutter in your garage or garden shed.

Good-bye winter – Hello summer

One of the best ways to make space for all your fun summer gear is to consider renting a storing unit to store away any winter equipment you have laying around. This way, you don’t have to get rid of anything you need, plus it will be stored safely and securely until you need it, ready for the next winter.

Outdoor toy bins

Large plastic storage tubs or buckets are great to use outdoors to store children’s toys. You can also try to drill holes at the bottom of the tub so that any excess water from the toys is drained out. They are waterproof and you can move them around easily in your garden.

Transparent toy sacks

Sacks made from PVC are great for storing a variety of toys, plus you don’t have to worry about leaving them outdoors as they are fully waterproof.

Wall storage

You’d be surprised at how much space is wasted on your garage walls. You can use bike racks, hooks, metal baskets, wall shelves to store all your equipment and clear up your floor space, and it also makes it so much easier to locate items when you need them.

If you’re looking for storage space during summer in Kettering or Northamptonshire, then contact us today for more information.