Start Up

Here are the reasons why you need self-storage for your start-up business.

Self-storage has become popular amongst businesses, especially start-ups. established companies alike have seen the opportunity to grow by taking advantage of the security, affordability, and space conveniently offered by self-storage. Here we have a few reasons why we think your startup needs a smart storage solution.


Self-storage can be widely beneficial for you and your business, especially if your business is a startup. to get your business noticed to the public it can be a challenge, the last thing you need to worry about is office space or lack of, renting a larger workspace or office will be expensive. By renting a self-storage you can reduce the risk of office expansion so you can focus more on profits and the growth of your business.


At Kettering Selfstore we have 24/7 security, which means our storage units are perfect for holding onto your inventory. if your business is predominantly online selling we have storage lockers to suit your needs and can securely house your stock, Likewise, with any other business. If your office is becoming overcrowded with files or unnecessary tools and equipment that your not ready to let go of we have units of all sizes to suit your needs, ultimately reducing the clutter in your workspace to create a more pro-active environment.


At Kettering Selfstore we can offer our customers much more than just storage, we have services that can help your business run efficiently. We can provide confidential security shredding to your documents and paperwork, the destruction of paperwork is monitored by our trained team of experts a simple stress-free relief for an upcoming audit.


We are a team of experts in storage, removal, and shredding we can tailor your needs as a business, give us a call today or visit our storage calculator for a free quotation.