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Common Businesses that are run from self storage units


Do you run a small business from the spare room in your house? Maybe you’re not able to dedicate a whole room to your business?

A storage unit could be a viable alternative for you and your business, when the costs of having your own premises are too expensive for what you and your business can afford.

There is a wide selection of sizes for storage units and if your not sure about the size of unit you require, take a look at our calculator to see how much space you and your business may need:

Self Storage Calculator

Here are 4 businesses that are often seen in storage units throughout the country:



Whether you are running your own online shop or just selling your products through Ebay and Amazon, a self-storage unit offers the ideal solution for your business.

We are sure many E-Shop owners have their homes piled high with their precious online goods, which they will have listed on various online channels.  This is not ideal by any means, especially while trying to run a successful business.

Why not purchase some shelving, rent a self-storage unit and run your online business from the security of a self-storage unit? Save space at home and have piece of mind that your products are safe and secure.


The Fixing Companies

Do you repair damaged or broken products? Maybe you’re so busy that you don’t have enough space at home or in your workshop currently?

Rent a self-storage unit to free up more space for you to store your backlog of repairs, or even carry out the required repairs within the self-storage unit.


Vintage & Antique Sales

Do you sell antique and vintage products at auctions and sales? Your products may be worth considerable value, so why risk getting them damaged or stolen at home, especially when you can rent your own self-storage unit.



Self-storage units are ideal for financial companies such as accountants. A storage unit can allow them to store all their important paperwork for their clients in a safe and secure location without them getting in their way or risk being damaged.

These are just some of the businesses we support at our site in Kettering. Without a doubt, there are many more that are suited to self-storage. If you run any of the above businesses or have a requirement for other commercial or domestic storage, why not contact us to discuss your requirements and to enquire what size unit would be suitable for your needs.




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