Climate Controlled Self Storage Units

What Is Climate Controlled Storage And Why It’s Necessary

What Is Climate Controlled Storage?

Climate controlled storage is offered with most modern storage units and allows units to be controlled by factors such as climate, humidity, heat and airflow. This keeps the units at an ideal temperature for most items including high value art collections, papers and wooden furniture, ensuring items retain their original quality, reducing unnecessary damage.

With our self store units, you can say goodbye to mould that forms in the winter and even goodbye to the splitting you get in the heat of the summer. We offer only the best climate control options to ensure your items remain in excellent condition no matter how long you need them storing for.

Why Use Climate Control?

Climate control was first introduced in the 1990’s when many storage units had issues with damp, vermin and mould. The introduction of climate control led to the prevention of many of these issues and where climate control couldn’t fix these issues, companies would often deal with the problem in alternative ways.

This has now meant that consumers can now store their items in a storage unit, with the assurance that they will not come to any harm or damage, providing they set their storage unit to the correct settings for the item they are intending to store. Here are 4 reasons to have climate control:

Temperature Protections

In the UK, we often see considerable temperature fluctuations throughout the year. This includes temperature readings below 0 degrees through to 30 degrees.

The addition of climate control allows for the large variations in temperature to be brought under control by the company and will allow for a stable temperature to be acquired within the storage unit, therefore stopping these large fluctuations in temperature which can potentially damage the items you are storing in your unit.

Air Quality

Although some may argue that ‘air quality’ isn’t the most important aspect of a storage unit, good air quality brings advantages such as air circulation, which means that you always have clean air flowing through with no stagnated air. Good air quality in your storage unit is vital if storing electronics and documents.


Storage units are commonly located within a large industrial building. This means that they are less prone to leaking as there are several layers of barrier to go through to get to your belongings. Furthermore, due to the location of units, it is often hard for dust, insects and other rodents to get to your belongings, therefore reducing the risk of damage to your belongings.

Humidity control

This is a particular issue in Autumn and Spring when the environment can be very damp. This will cause mildew to grow and will mean that your stored items may end up smelling as though they have been held in a damp garage for years!

The opposite of this occurs in Winter and Summer. A lack of moisture in the air can also lead to damage of your items. Wood is especially prone to damage in these periods of time.

Our units allow you to control humidity to ensure your items maintain their quality throughout the time you store with us.

With our climate controlled and environmentally friendly units, your items will always stay safe and in tact. Contact the Kettering Self Store team to find out more about how we can help you solve your self-storage issue.

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