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Business storage opportunities in Corby

Look around your office environment. Does it seem crowded? Do you have furniture that needs to be updated but nowhere to place the old furniture? Does your personal office have a load of filing cabinets around you like a fort? Here at Kettering selfstore, we are here to help.

Located only 10 miles away from our home base in Kettering. Corby is a fantastic place for moving home or creating a business, which is why it was easy to choose Corby as a new business venture for our growth! With so many businesses coming to Kettering self store for options such as document storage and shredding, it’s no wonder we are fast becoming the Number 1 storage choice in the country!

We have listed why we think business storage is so important for both small and large companies,

Why is business storage so important for any size business?

We believe that all businesses should have the same amount of security and with that, smart decisions need to be made. For instance, if you do not have the right type of security for your office, then important files could go missing or stolen, business in turn could be lost and that would result in a negative way.

By choosing business storage, you are saying yes to protection, value and a bespoke service, guaranteeing the safety of your office supplies and documents and in turn, giving you and your customer needs upheld. With Kettering selfstore, we guarantee peace of mind and value your service, which is why if you choose us – we promise you’ll want to stay!

Do I need business storage?

Business storage is an excellent option if you want to create a more accessible and ‘open’ environment for you and your employees. Whether you are thinking of creating a brand new look for your office and need to store away your old furniture or if you are planning to relocate your business – you are in need of business storage.

If you need any advice, please contact us and we can have a chat about business storage today.

What types of business storage does Kettering selfstore offer?

We have a great selection of choices to choose from, supplying you with answers to all of your business needs.

  • Secure documentation storage
  • Online Business storage
  • Office storage solutions
  • Shredding service

With all of our services, you will get a guaranteed satisfaction rate, with 24/7 surveillance, a bespoke service aimed at your personal needs, great value for money and highly trained professionals with plenty of experience in all sectors of our business.

With our flexible rental and pricing plans, you can be comforted by the fact that you are guaranteeing the safety of your office possessions. Whatever the reason, whether you are making space within your office or looking to cut down your office rent, with kettering selfstore – you will save money.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote!