Document Storage

Are your documents safe in storage? Read on.

Whether you are in a large or small organisation, your company will find it hard not to generate a vast amount of documentation, such as financial records, data analysis, sales reports and marketing insights. This documentation would also involve highly sensitive data such as employee reports and statistics that would be damaging if this information was leaked to unwelcome visitors or if there was an environmental event such as a floor or a fire within your building.

It is a highly popular choice to employ a document storage company who will provide your documentation with security and will securely hold your sensitive and highly confidential material away from prying eyes.

Here at Kettering Self Store, we have a secure number of units that are extremely beneficial for any size of business. Your documents will be kept securely and will be protected from physical risks and will be safely locked, with the added protection of 24/7 CCTV security to guarantee your data is protected from unwanted visitors.

By storing your documentation off-site, you will also gain extra office space as you can remove your large filing cabinets and storage boxes, full of delicate and sensitive paperwork.

Is using an off-site storage company cost-effective?

Absolutely! One way of working out this question yourself is to analyse how much rent you pay for your businesses office/s. If your office space is consumed of on-site storage that is taking up space then removing this will not only give you more freedom in terms of space but you will be minimising the risk of damage to your paperwork – presenting you with an opportunity to save money.

A common act for businesses is that once they ‘grow out’ of their office space, they move to a larger premise for the business. However, the larger your company grows and evolves, the more paperwork you will produce – which will conclude in a higher rate of paperwork.

When you pursue a document storage company, you will be able to have a larger use of space available to you and your company. This will give you the opportunity to accommodate your staff or an essential piece of equipment that you need for your business expansion.

In terms of expense, it is easy to see that off-site documentation storage can actually be worked out as a cheaper source of storage in the long-term due to costs being much cheaper compared to keeping this data on your own company premises.

Can small businesses use them too?

Of course! Off-site documentation storage is not just for a large company benefit – small businesses can benefit from this solution too.

With the obvious subject of a small budget, you may be surprised that the cost of storage can be much cheaper than keeping your documents in your office – especially if you are renting out a small office that you run your office in.

By utilising off-site storage, you can manage your budget more effectively so a larger space will not be necessary as you have the space you are looking for – its just being used for filing cabinets and boxes.

Document storage for a clear mind.

Security is the ultimate objective for both your company as well as any off-site document storage companies.

Every company must abide by the 5 year rule which is where your company needs to hold all your financial records for a minimum of five years before destroying them.

Within these 5 years, a number of events can occur, from fires and floods and theft and vandalism. With these events in mind, it can be a devastating time if these events occur within a business and that’s why it is so important to choose a respected and professional off-site document storage company for all of your sensitive information and files.

As removal experts, we know just how imperative the right use of space is, and with our transparent pricing, alongside flexible terms, we strive to be your number one stop for document storage.

We aim to deliver maximum peace of mind, allowing you to free up that space without concern, declutter the workplace and ensure your working environment is working for you.

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