A word from Steve

Since I started with the business in 2004, I have seen a lot of changes.

I originally started with the company as a surveyor for our parent company Britannia Harrison and Rowley, but due to my background in the industry I was relief for operations also.

For the first 3-4 years the business remained very steady, but due to the economic downturn in 2008, the day to day running of the business changed across the 2 sites.

Over both sites, we operated in excess of 15 removal Lorries and 30 + operative staff.
By 2010, this has halved and unfortunately the warehouse at Kettering became redundant.
Although we continued to operate in Northamptonshire, the business lost presence and some identity, so once things improved financially an obvious need to set up over in Kettering again became apparent.

In the middle of 2015 a new site was sourced and after much deliberation it was decided that the build would be 50% self-storage and 50% removals with a heavy emphasis towards self-storage. The company made the decision, not only because of my previous experience, but proximity to the new site, that I will be the manager, ensuring smooth day to day running of the operation and most importantly development and promoting the self-store moving forward.

A challenge after being with the company 12 years I will embrace.

It has been a pleasure already to watch the new site migrate from ideas and plans to buildings being erected. It allows Pink and Jones to grow once again in the Northamptonshire area and regain its strong removal and storage presence.

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