5 reasons why you should hire a collections service!

By hiring a removals service, you will gain access to professionals who will assist and guide you to make sure your day runs smoothly and your items are transported safely to your storage unit.  

Here are five key reasons as to why a removals service will be beneficial for your storage needs: 

Good Value for your money

By hiring a professional, it can be extremely cost effective for you and moving those large household items. With this service, everything is under one package, so there are no hidden costs!

Peace of mind

You will find yourself with a stress-free experience as the professionals take the reigns. By investing in this service, you will have access to large, insured vehicles that can make sure all your items are packaged professionally and are in the correct positions for transit.

No need for personal vehicle use

By requesting assistance with the removal of your items, you will not have to use your own vehicle to transport your goods. The dilemma with this procedure is that you may have not packaged your items correctly, causing a risk of damage during transit, resulting in being in a stressful situation for yourself at the end of it!

By hiring a man with a van, you will be safe in the knowledge that your personal possessions have been packed accordingly, by professionals who have an extensive amount of experience and knowledge behind them and have suitable vehicles for transit.


Sometimes, a newspaper for a vase just won’t cut it and packaging every item yourself can become a time-consuming and daunting process.

By hiring a man with a van, you will have time to concentrate on other matters, allowing the professionals to proceed with the suitable packaging material and placing your items in secure storage units.

Tip: Remember to label items you want packing with extra care to avoid accidents.


Once your items have been packed accordingly and are in transit to our storage unit, your items can be stored for as long as you wish! There are many reasons why storage is needed such as storing items of sentimental value that you don’t wish to have out on display, to moving home and not quite having enough space yet, to transporting goods you wish to sell at another date.

At Kettering Self Store, we guarantee your items will be processed in a professional and sufficient manner, no matter what the size of your items or how fragile they are.

Moving home or saying goodbye to items from your home can be quite emotional and we understand this, we make sure that moving your items to storage is as hassle-free and smooth as possible for your needs.  

Please contact us today on 01536 212 422 for a free, no-obligation quote about our collections services and see how easy we can make your transition smooth and stress free!